"Bali surfboard trader" its a facebook page, you can join for free. Its super easy and a great way to make connections while you are here in Bali or even abroad. Maybe you have a new board that isn't a good fit for you and you need to sell or want to trade it with someone who may have what you need and want what you have? You may have a question about doing surf trip to Indonesia from England (for example) and you are not sure if its safe to fly direct to Lombok or Bali? You may also be wondering about surfboards on arrival or where to get the best deal on fins or leashes? You can post all these questions here or answer others questions with useful info. Perhaps you are looking for travel companions for a road trip to Lakey Peak? Or some advice on how to remove broken fin tabs in your fcs plugs? Well you can use this page to do just that, connect with 1000's of others who are here or been here or are coming here! Feel free to add pictures or videos to your posts or sales items. Add your website too. Everything is welcome here. This is a page is an open source, for surf related information. Cheers Palmbaybali

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