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Snapped board or just need to fix a small ding? No problem! Here is our top tips to make an easy affordable fix!

Most people will tell you "ding repair in bali is cheap" and they would be correct. But cheap doesn't always translate to quality. The other thing you will hear is "Naruki is the best ding repair" this is true! Its been our experience that Naruki is the best in the business. We have been using them to fix our blades for 15 years. Two times in 15 years I was to lazy to go to Kuta and got repairs from another shop. Both times was a waist of my time and money! Naruki surf shop has a good reputation for good reason! 1. customer service is amazing. 2. the prices are always the same. 3. They are genuine and really friendly to everyone who enters the shop. 4. They are quick and accurate at fixing dings and snaps! The quality of work is unmatched! You can find Naruki on google or instagram and google will lead you to Kuta. They have been there since 15 years now. They are not going anyplace! Thanks to Naruki and crew for always being reliable, honest, friendly and fair!

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