Some of you been asking us about custom surfboards and if we are going to start making them?

We put some serious thought into this. How ever most of our friends are shapers and we dont want to take business away from their passion jobs. We rather talk about them and help hook you up with best shaper for what you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for Performance short boards or retro fish? Maybe you want to know who makes the best twin fin boards or who is the cheapest. Perhaps you want the best shaper name and wonder will the that shaper be able to deliver you're dream board on time. After all you are on vacation. So here is the start of the shapers blog. From who we know to what we know. We will showcase in our blog a local shaper or shapers and what you can expect.

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ROCKWELL by Rosyid

Our first Shaper to blog about is Rosyid Rockwell AKA ROCKWELL. Rosyid learned to shape from his mentor and long time friend. Like all things in life he grew as he learned the art of shaping and started his own Brand. Rosyid keeps his situation simple. He is a humble and honest man. All his boards are hand shaped the old fashioned way but with new school materials. EPS epoxy is specialty. Rosyid can copy your favourite board but we recommend you message him on facebook and get his Hypto style shape. This is one of the most popular boards you will see under the arms of many many visiting foreign surfers. Rosyid is busy and like to keep his boards to maximum production of one shape a day 30 boards a month. You can expect to wait 30 days for your new board so message him a month before your trip! You can find this rad family man on this link to facebook. If you need fins, leashes and a boardbag on arrival you can message us to link it all up here. We can arrange a seamless transition of you're new surfboards and gear!

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