Thanks for checking us out, but who are we and What is "Our story"?

Here it is, a little story about Palmbaybali and how it all started... Years ago we where shopping for surf gear for an up coming surf trip, leashes, fins and pads. Of course we wanted the best gear and for the best value. Being that we are local here, we knew exactly where to go. We went to many shops. Some shops had the leashes we wanted and others didn't and some shops had the fins we wanted then the others didn't. We drove around for a couple days shopping for an up coming surf trip with some friends coming to visit us. Eventually we got the gear we needed and we paid! It was hard on the wallet but the dude at the shop hooked us up with leashes so that eased our pocket strain.

Days later we arrived to the surf destination and went to surf the unnamed point reef and 2 of us broke our new leashes straight away. One leash broke on a bailed duck dive before even getting out the back! What a bummer, we did bring back up leashes, but still a bummer! Later that day we got to talking about our experience and in this chat Palmbaybali was seeded.

All of us here have worked in the surf industry for a good amount of time and we seen what was missing here in Bali. A one stop surf shop with premium products at humanized prices, combined with unparalleled customer service. At first we wanted to open a surf shop and offer these products and this customer service to the public. But where should we open a shop and how much will it cost us? We ran numbers on some key places that you and we frequent and it was just to much money to spend. We know location is a huge part of success but at what cost? We started to wain and we regrouped. We brain stormed ideas, the best idea was sprouted as an online delivery company/shop. With shopping being such a mission here, this seemed to be good solution. After all, all of us want to enjoy Bali and not deal with the heat and traffic. This is a risky move tho, no one has tried this before! The only thing we could do is roll the dice and make a small run of products to see if was acceptable in our community.

Next we needed a logo and brand name! We ran many ideas, concepts and names through our group. One that was tossed in was Palmbay. This name seemed to resonate the best! One of our crew drew on a piece of paper 3 palm trees in a row and rite then we knew! This was are logo and this was our name! No one knows who or when the phrase "Palm trees and tropic seas" was said but this has become our little company calling!

2 months later we introduced a small run of fins with our new name branded logo on them. We still had no idea if we could make this happen. But with the power of Facebook and the reach they offer, we where selling. It seemed to be working!

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